Expository Essay 

Subject:  Something I Am Good At

Due:  November 18, 2009

Ideas:  Sports, Dance, Electronic Games, Babysitting, Cooking, Fashion, Friend, another hobby???

Create an assertion about your talent:  I am good at ____________

because I am talented/practice a lot/frequently done/natural ability/etc.

Assertion:  What you think and why you think it.

Introductory Paragraph:  Includes assertion and one fact about your activity.

Body:  Includes evidence and details about you excelling at your chosen activity.  Answers the following questions and explains:

1.    Why do you like the activity?

2.    Why you know you are good at the activity?

3.    Examples of when you have done the activity? 

Conclusion:  Restate assertion and summarize your evidence and details from body paragraph.  No new evidence or detail is given.

Cover page:  Photo/copy of photo or hand drawn picture related to topic, title and proper heading.  

Rubric for Expository Essay: Something I Am Good At


Description                                                         Points        Points

                                                                             Possible     Earned

Idea Map                                                                      10     _____

Assertion clearly stated in Intro & Conclusion        10     _____

Fact included in Intro and is cited                             10     _____

Edited Rough Draft written in double spaces           10     _____

Body contains three different descriptions

          Of evidence/details                                            10     _____

Works cited page in correct format
(p. 420 Language Network book)                            10     _____

Final Draft                                                                    10     _____

Cover Page has title, P.H., illustrations                     10     _____

Completed and submitted on time 11/18)                 10     _____

This rubric page included, as last page                      10     _____

Optional/Extra credit: Oral presentation                   10     _____

Total points earned                                                               _____

90 – 100 = A, 80 = B, 70 = C, 60 = D, 0 – 50 = F

Click here for powerpoint grading rubric