Mesopotamian Mud Bricks

Our next history project will be to make a mud brick.  This will be due November 12, 2010. You will be making a mud brick similar to that of the Mesopotamian people. You will want to use dried grass or hay, soil, and water. You will want to mix up the ingredients, form it into the shape of a small brick, and allow it to dry in the sun. This brick needs to be solid, dry, and firm, not crumbling or wet. It may take you several attempts to get a "good" brick.

Your brick must fit into the rectangle (aprroximately 3" x 6") drawn on the paper plate in class. It must not be any larger.

In addition to making your brick, you will write a paper, at least two paragraphs in length. In the first paragraph, you will describe the process you went through to make your brick (where your materials came from, how you made it, etc.). Were you successful on your first attempt? In the second paragraph, you will explain in your own words how this kind of brick could be used. What could be built with it? Refer back to your notes or the text if you're not sure.

Good luck!